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Our detailing service can give your vehicle that extra edge by taking out all the imperfections, even if your car is brand new.

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Reasons to choose us

Once a customer, always a customer of Art Cosmetics Detailing because of the personal touch and connection one develops with the owner Alex.


We don’t miss any imperfections which says it all as the attention to detail is next to none and unmatchable by any other business.


Finishing any vehicle to the highest standard is key. Alex normally calls it the ‘mirror effect’ where one can see themselves reflected in the panels of the vehicle.


Save £120 on our top detailing packages this summer.

Pick one of our custom tailored detailing packages, bring your car in and let us do all the hard work.

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Offer valid throughout summer. June, July & August.

Our services

When it comes to detailing, we do it with passion and dedication and every car is as special for us as it is for you.

We undertake all aspects of auto detailing, from a simple revamp to a full body custom wrap.

Interior Detailing

Our interior auto detailing team specialises in steam cleaning of material upholstery, carpets and the plastic parts of the interior.

The high temperature of steam disinfects the interior, eliminating mould, mildew and bacteria.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing involves restoring or exceeding the original condition of the surface of a vehicle's glossy finish.

This includes panels, windows, wheels, tyres and all other visible components of a car's exterior.

PPF & Vinyl Wraps

The paint protection film is a service that ensures the colour protection of the entire car by applying a special protective foil, designed to protect the paint from minor damage.

The vinyl wrapping service is a process by which the vehicle is wrapped in a special, custom coloured foil, to give your car a new and fresh breath.

Paint Correction

Machine polishing is the only way to remove minor scratches, swirl marks, holograms and other imperfections from your paintwork, without the need for respraying. It’s the tried and trusted method for enhancing gloss.

Say goodbye to dull and faded paintwork, and hello to a better than new finish.

Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating is a process which involves a treatment that offers an unrivalled depth of gloss and stunning looks as well as superior paint protection to all the painted surfaces of your car.

Our coatings are water repellent and durable and will last up to 5 years depending on aftercare.

Bespoke Services

Do yo have anything else in mind? We are happy to accommodate any client requests as we understand everyone has a different vision.

Get in touch and let's turn your vehicle in the car of your dreams.

What our customers are saying

“Alex is the ultimate professional.

He has detailed and ceramic coated a few higher end vehicles for us. We were extremely delighted to see the quality of work but above all his commitment to provide an excellent customer service like no other.”

Basheer Z.

Ceramic Coating, Premium

“The finish on the car after the ceramic coating was impeccable. Peter did an amazing job in achieving the final result that I wanted. He was punctual and the quality is just great.  I will definitely come here again with no hesitation.

Thank you so so much !”

Kaali Anna

Ceramic Coating, Premium

“I took my Range Rover Sport to Alex for big work (tinting, polishing, ceramic wrap, body wrap, alloy and calliper refurbish). The work that he did before and after had blown me away; there is quality, professional work, value for money and most importantly he is a great guy and very understanding.”

Omar Amin

Paint Protection Film, Elite

Detailing packages


Same day execution
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  • Multi stage wash

  • Clay bar

  • 1 stage paint correction

  • Basic interior clean

  • Door seals and rubbers cleaned and dressed

  • Tyres cleaned and dressed


Was £595
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  • Multi stage wash

  • Clay bar

  • 2 stage paint correction

  • Basic interior clean

  • Door seals and rubbers cleaned and dressed

  • Tyres cleaned and dressed


Was £1,615
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  • Multi stage wash

  • Extra fine clay barv

  • 5 stage paint correction (98%-99%)

  • Interior cleaned and treated

  • Door seals and rubbers cleaned and dressed

  • Engine bay detailed

  • Tyres cleaned and treated

  • Leather protection treatment

Bookings &  Quotes

Get in touch over the phone, e-mail or using the form to book your car in or get a custom quote based on a few details about your vehicle.

Let’s make your car shine!

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Founder's note

"I founded Art Cosmetics Detailing after a career as a Quality Control Officer in London, working for the top motor vehicle manufacturers.

During this time I developed what can only be described as an obsession for perfection, always pushing the limits of what is possible when it comes to detailing and making sure the clients are blown away by the final results of my team.

I have taken the experience and feedback that I gathered during those years and started my own auto detailing studio, knowing that there will always be people that understand my mindset and appreciate what hard work and impeccable attention to detail can achieve.

I am looking forward to helping you turn your own vehicle into the car of your dreams."

Alex IL. , Art Cosmetics Founder